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Everything was going well, but all is an eternal beginning.
Calradia outraged! Calradia shattered! Calradia martyred! But Calradia liberated!
Everything was ready for the unification ceremony, a nice royal crown, Prince Noxor in his ceremonial outfit, and a crowd cheering for the magnificence of the future king that put end to the war.
It was not counting on the fatality of destiny, incredible bad luck, a metaphysical and evil cataclysm overthrew all. The mess is back.
This chaos did emerge an unusual context, six new singular factions occupy the land, with a return to the troubles and war on the lands of NOX.
You are here, in the midst of this mess, play your role!

Mod specificities:

- A story for the main quest in 3 chapters with challenges and labyrinths.
- At the end, the revelation! But it will be necessary to defeat nasty skeletons.
- A large parallel quest: Casanova trophy, ten women to seduce!
- Libraries accessed directly through the town center.
- Teleports in each of the major cities.
- Quests, quests, quests! So new characters and new scenes.
- Six renewed and singular factions.
- Recruiting troops in cities, and for cheap!
- A camp manager, it's a character accessed by the camp menu. He is here to help you.
- A chest available in the camp tent.
- A handy feature to the credit of Lav, Companions Overseer V1.20, (Key letter O on the map).
- Amorous women and alcohol, all with moderation.
- A magic potion, super useful after a hard battle.
- Original guilds and treasures to discover.
- Precious crystals and minerals to be extracted.
- Mushroom picking.
- A forge where works the best blacksmith of the universe.
- And many other things to discover!

In summary, an original role-playing game inspired by the best and that I loved, as The Witcher 1 (reference), Gothic 3, Skyrim...
Without forgetting that Warband is awesome with its battles, conquests. Role with Warband is a mod to renew the genre, that's what I hope!


Kingdom of Nox :
   A classic medieval, continuity with the previous world, its headquarters are in Noxor.
Kingdom of Gallonix :
   They think they are the descendants of the Celts and Gauls, its headquarters are in Clutecia.
Kingdom of Darkor :
   They are called Black Barons, its headquarters are in Noiraude.
Kingdom of Olympe :
   They think they are the descendants of ancient greece, its headquarters are in Lathena.
Kingdom of Noctifer :
   They are devil worshipers, their army consists of skeletons, its headquarters are in Necroma.
Kingdom of Romanova :
   They think they are the descendants of the Romans, its headquarters are in Romanum.


Base game:

You can play the mod totally classically with advantages of Warband.
What is new is in its RPG part, not only a contribution but full enjoyment!
As a respectable RPG, the concept is simple, a main quest into several chapters, and numerous side quests.
In Warband, the first part is long and tedious, with Noxor RPG, the achievement of quests enables the hero of becoming powerful much faster, both attributes in his relations and with his environment.
Noxor RPG will lead the hero in new adventures, in unusual and unexpected venues.
The mod is playful, not historical!

Port of Massilia:

Manor of the Baron Banoir:

Great Lake:



RPG, quests:

Quests from the beginning of the game. Quests, there will be all over the map!
The main quest will start at the Noxor Library!



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